Terry Hodgkinson

Behind every success story there are unseen people who have been instrumental in its writing. Terry Hodgkinson is one such person, an inspirational leader who motivates and influences to help organisations get the results they need.

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Helping companies and organisations excel and succeed, as an advisory board member, a motivational speaker, an ambassador, or as a non-executive chairman.

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Working with students and educators in schools, colleges and universities, to arm the new generation with the tools they need to work towards their goals, and to help teachers develop the inspirational leadership that their students are looking for.

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Bringing years of experience and knowledge to local authorities, devolved administrations and regeneration companies. Specialising in developing listed/heritage buildings and sites of a more challenging nature.

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The Story So Far …

Beyond Expectation

"This book identifies people, places and events in my life that have helped me develop, grow and achieve. It also reflects on times when I have been the catalyst of change for others."

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“It was the passion together with his clear business and social skills that convinced me he above others should Chair the Renaissance Team in 2001.”
Professor Alan Simpson, Urban Renaissance

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