Inspiring students and educators

Terry speaks with students and educators at schools, colleges and universities with the aim of motivating them to achieve more.

He talks directly to sixth form, FE and HE students, to their teachers and lecturers at conferences and conventions or at special events. Themes he often uses to inspire his audiences include:

  • Prepare yourself for the workplace
  • Leadership on home ground
  • Wisdom for winners
  • Love and leadership – the emotional side of personal leadership
  • The role and qualities of an Inspirational leader
  • How to be remarkable? Stand out and make a difference

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The Alchemists Foundation

In 2010, Terry formed the Alchemists Foundation which is a Community Interest Company (CIC). With the aims and objectives to raise aspiration, inspire and create a platform for young people to aquire new skills and tools for change that will grow and devlelop them as individuals.  The Alchemists Foundation invite individuals  to focus on personal, social and employability skills and highlight their potential to lead the future to an even greater place. The Foundation rebuilds confidence and creates an infectious positive 'can-do' culture throughout our next generation of 16-19year olds.

The Foundation runs very special Showcase events which takes students on a personal development journey, encourages them to have a dream and then looks at how they can apply this to reality by setting out an action plan that will move them towards their biggest achievement.  The Foundation invites some great speakers from the worlds of business, sport and culture, people with oustanding stories of their personal journey to success. Giving the students living examples of what can be achieved and re-enforcing what they have learnt at the Showcase.  Participants are challenged to set high-level goals and take subsequent actions that will set them on a path to achieve them.  This is supported by the foundations unique ShoeBox - a toolkit and aid with personal development.

The Alchemists Foundation is a non profit organistation and is continually striving to secure funds so that we can make the Showcases more accessible to more colleges and students if our vision is something you share and would like to support the Foundation we would be delighted to hear from you.  Or if you have a story that could Inspire the next generation please use the contact page.

To learn more about the Alchemists Foundation, please visit the website.